5 Tips for a Listening and Language Rich Valentine’s Day

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A white paper is on a table with a pink heart colored on it. There is a pink crayon out and a set of crayons on the table.

Holidays can sometimes be challenging for kids with speech, language, and listening challenges. Here are 5 tips to help your child navigate Valentine’s Day. Read some books about Valentine’s Day Visit your book stash or your local library, and introduce your child to what Valentine’s Day is with a story. Reading a book together will introduce your child to the … Read More

5 Tips I’ve Learned from Having a Child in Therapy

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A blond child with a striped shirt and floral cloth diaper on all 4s with his hand in a dump truck filled with colorful blocks

I’ve mentioned it before in this post, but our baby (who is very quickly approaching 1 and not-a-baby-anymore status) is in physical therapy. He was born with torticollis which is basically tight muscles, and like to use one side (the right) of his body more than the other (the left). Being a therapist and also a mom who is in … Read More