How to Earn TPT Credits and Use Them For Your Purchases


Everyone likes to save money, right? Especially when you’re purchasing resources for your therapy or classroom with your own money. In my opinion, earning and using TPT credits for leaving reviews on resources you’ve already purchased is one of the easiest ways to do that. Today I’ll show you how.

Find Your Purchases

First, you’ll want to make sure you’re logged in to your TPT account. Then, you’ll click on your profile picture in the upper right hand corner. Then, click on “My Purchases.”

This will take you to a list of everything you’ve purchased on TPT. You’ll be able to leave a review (and earn credits) on any paid purchase. You can leave reviews on free purchases (and as a creator, this is still greatly appreciated!), but you won’t earn yourself credits.

Leave a Review

Once you’re in your list of purchases, click on the “Leave a Review” button.

TPT has certain requirements for reviews, because they want you to leave “specific, constructive reviews.” And as a seller, I couldn’t agree more. Your reviews on my resources are SO valuable to me and potential buyers. Your feedback lets me know what you love (or don’t), and lets others know whether or not a resource is right for them.

View Your Account Balance

Once you’ve left a review on a paid resource, you will have earned yourself credits! You can check your credits by going back to your profile picture on the upper right, and clicking on “Account Balance.”

Your account balance shows how much you’ve earned from leaving reviews, that you’ll be able to put toward future purchases. You can see in the example below that when I took this screen shot I’d already spent all of my credits.

Use Your Credits for Purchases

When you’re ready to make a purchase, any credits you have earned will show up in your account. When you go to check out, they’ll be under the checkout button, and you can choose how much (or little) of your account balance you want to use on your purchase.

Leaving reviews on your TPT purchases not only helps sellers and potential buyers, it also help you save your hard earned money by reviewing items you’ve already purchased. And bonus, if you do it before a sale, your money goes even further.