So How Do You Evaluate Speech and Language In a Baby??

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This is one of the questions I hear often from parents…if they’re not talking yet, how do you evaluate speech and language skills in a baby? It’s a great question. If you *only* consider talking, of course it wouldn’t make sense to evaluate babies, because, well, for the most part, they aren’t talking yet. But, I wrote about how communication … Read More

I’m a Speech Therapist, and My Baby Needs Speech Therapy


I was on an EHDI (Early Hearing Detection and Intervention) phone call recently and one of the participants talked about how parental guilt can prevent parents from moving forward with treatment…and I’ll be honest, I didn’t really get it. I mean, I thought, well, you just do it. But I was coming from my therapist perspective, where you can step … Read More

What is Auditory Verbal Therapy Anyway? (Part 3 of 3)


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This is part 3 in a 3 part series outlining the principles a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist* uses when working with children and families, and what those principles mean. I want to help parents understand what they can expect from therapy using auditory verbal principles. If you haven’t yet, click here to read Part 1 or here to read … Read More

An Interview with Meaghan, the parent of a child with cochlear implants

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If you’ve looked around the Mighty Voice website, you may have seen Meaghan and her family before. She was a dear friend long before their family’s journey with deafness, and I am so grateful and excited she’s willing to share a few more details about their story including their late diagnosis and why choosing cochlear implants is not an easy … Read More

Telepractice with Mighty Voice

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An image of a girl sitting on her mother's lap looking at a laptop screen

Telepractice, sometimes called teletherapy, is another way for children and families to participate in speech and language or auditory verbal therapy. Instead of meeting in person, the speech language pathologist and families use technology to do therapy. At Mighty Voice, telepractice usually involves providing speech therapy over the internet. The speech language pathologist and family each have a computer with … Read More

5 Tips I’ve Learned from Having a Child in Therapy

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A blond child with a striped shirt and floral cloth diaper on all 4s with his hand in a dump truck filled with colorful blocks

I’ve mentioned it before in this post, but our baby (who is very quickly approaching 1 and not-a-baby-anymore status) is in physical therapy. He was born with torticollis which is basically tight muscles, and like to use one side (the right) of his body more than the other (the left). Being a therapist and also a mom who is in … Read More

Make the Call

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Every parent knows that feeling when your intuition tells you something about your kiddo is just “off.” Maybe they ate slightly less at dinner, or woke up an extra time or two last night and you wonder if they’re not feeling well. Maybe it’s something bigger, like a nagging feeling they just aren’t talking as much as you would have … Read More