Listening and Spoken Language Learning Opportunity


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Whether you’re a parent or professional, if you’re reading this blog you’ve got a little one (or little ones) that pop into your mind when you think about kids who are deaf or hard of hearing. You want that little person to grow up to be the absolute best they can, and you’re committed to doing whatever it takes. Hearing … Read More

Telepractice with Mighty Voice

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Telepractice, sometimes called teletherapy, is another way for children and families to participate in speech and language or auditory verbal therapy. Instead of meeting in person, the speech language pathologist and families use technology to do therapy. At Mighty Voice, telepractice usually involves providing speech therapy over the internet. The speech language pathologist and family each have a computer with … Read More

Listening Activity: Free Audiobooks with Hoopla


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Lately when I get into the car with my children (currently almost 3 and almost 1), I’ve been wanting an alternative to turning on the radio. My kids aren’t interested in most of the podcasts on my list, although we do listen to them now and then. Recently though I started to wonder–why aren’t we listening to audiobooks? We know … Read More

Breaking Down the Rich Language in Children’s Story Books


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When was the last time you worked the word “commotion” into a conversation with your toddler? Or “lowered” or “delighted”? Don’t worry, I haven’t either. But, because of a Curious George book we accidentally brought home from my parents’ house, we’ve been reading them. I’ve mentioned before that I love using books in therapy, and we’ve all heard that we … Read More

Working on my LSLS, Cert AVT

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Listening and Spoken Language

Okay, so I know that sounds like a lot of jargony-jargon, so let me explain both my terms and my excitement. What is happening is that I have recently decided to continuing pursuing certification as a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist (the LSLS part), Certified Auditory Verbal Therapist (the Cert AVT part). An LSL, Cert AVT is someone who has … Read More