Addressing Phonological & Phonemic Awareness in Speech Therapy


One of my “soap boxes” as a therapist, is how important it is to support phonological and phonemic awareness in kids with speech and language disorders. I’ve discussed before how oral language ties into literacy skills, but how exactly do you accomplish that? Today, we’re going to dive in to that question, and I’ll offer you some ideas that have … Read More

What do Speech Sounds Have to Do with Reading and Writing?

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I’ll be honest…when I first started working in the schools as a speech language pathologist (SLP), I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what speech sounds (how you say/pronounce sounds) had to do with reading. I probably would’ve said nothing, and I would have been SO WRONG. Kids with speech sound difficulties, like not being able to say their … Read More

Maybe One of the Nerdiest Things I Do as an SLP Mom

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Let’s just put this out there–I am a nerdy mom. And one of my very favorite speech and language “things” to nerd out about is phonological processes. I’ll be driving with my kids, and in my head, try to label all of the phonological processes I hear (nerdy, right?). Phonological processes is basically a big fancy name for how our … Read More

Strategies for Improving a Child’s Auditory Feedback Loop

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Have you ever been talking about two people, and accidently mixed up their names? Like instead of Mary and Ben you said “Bary and Men” and then caught yourself? Or accidentally called your child or partner the wrong name and had to correct yourself? If you have, you have used the auditory feedback loop. What is the Auditory Feedback Loop? … Read More