One Way to Get Therapy Services No One Told You About


If your child needs speech and language or listening and spoken language therapy, you’ve probably been told about early intervention (sometimes called Birth to 3) or school-based services. You may have had IFSP or IEP meetings where you tried to convince your team that your child needs more services. But did you know that your child may be able to … Read More

Don’t Fall Off the Tippy Chairs

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If I’m being honest, there are books I really don’t enjoy reading to my children. I know it’s a sentimental favorite, but I sort of hate “Guess How Much I Love You” and have been known to abbreviate “Little Nutbrown Hare” and “Big Nutbrown Hare” to “Big Rabbit” and “Little Rabbit.” But, you do it because your kids love them. … Read More