Self Advocacy Skills for Your Toddler with Hearing Loss (ages 2-3)


If you read my post about why self advocacy skills are important, you already know that I am all about supporting our children to be as independent as possible, as early as possible. And, yes, this includes self advocacy skills for your toddler. It may be hard to think about toddlers who has hearing loss working on self-advocacy skills. After … Read More

Sea Lions, Giraffes, and Monkey Faced Squirrels, Oh My

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Like so many other parents, I’m always looking for easy and quick ways to provide my kiddos with rich language experiences. I’ve read the research about how the more you talk to your kids, the better their language and vocabulary will be. I want them to be immersed in letters and words and have read the 1,000 books before Kindergarten, … Read More

Mommy, you hear that sound?

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This is one my toddler’s favorite questions lately…”Mommy, you hear dat sound?” It’s partly an echo of something I often say to him–“Honey, I hear you.” Anyone with a toddler knows they like to ask the same question over and over again, and so my kiddo hears the response a lot. “Yes honey, I hear you, you really want to … Read More