Why You Should Be Teaching Figurative Language


It’s probably happened to all of us at some point–you hear a phrase in conversation you’re not familiar with. Maybe the speaker is from a different part of the country, or a different age group, and although you understand the words they used, you’re not sure what they mean. I spent a year living in Charlotte, NC, and heard the … Read More

Self Advocacy Skills for Your Toddler with Hearing Loss (ages 2-3)


If you read my post about why self advocacy skills are important, you already know that I am all about supporting our children to be as independent as possible, as early as possible. And, yes, this includes self advocacy skills for your toddler. It may be hard to think about toddlers who has hearing loss working on self-advocacy skills. After … Read More

Breaking Down the Rich Language in Children’s Story Books


A picture of a yellow book with the title "Curious George Visits a Toy Store." There is a picture of a monkey sitting on a pile of toys.

When was the last time you worked the word “commotion” into a conversation with your toddler? Or “lowered” or “delighted”? Don’t worry, I haven’t either. But, because of a Curious George book we accidentally brought home from my parents’ house, we’ve been reading them. I’ve mentioned before that I love using books in therapy, and we’ve all heard that we … Read More