Freebie Friday! Your August LSL Calendar, and a Hearing Aids Self-Advocacy Book


Woot! It’s Friday…and that means freebies. First, if you haven’t grabbed your August LSL calendar yet, click this link and go do it! It has a whole month’s worth of ideas for how to focus on listening and spoken language with your child.

Although we may not want to admit it, back to school is just around the corner. At Mighty Voice, I make sure that each of my clients is equipped with a back to school plan–a binder with everything their main teacher will need, a one-pager for other school staff, a classroom meeting planned, and anything else that helps kick off the school year well.

Today I want to highlight a great self-advocacy tool for little ones who wear hearing aids. Today’s back to school freebie is this Hearing Aid Self Advocacy book from Deanna at Listening Fun.

An image of the front of a booklet with the title "Hearing Aids Self-Advocacy Booklet."

This great free Hearing Aids Self-Advocacy Booklet helps your child learn self advocacy skills like knowing the parts of their hearing aid, understanding what an FM system is, and asking the teacher to turn on or troubleshoot the FM system with them.

Head on over to Deanna’s store and download your Hearing Aids Self-Advocacy booklet today. And if you want more help with your child’s back to school plan, contact us to help you make a great back to school plan.